Le Cosmographe éditions

“Being a Cosmographe(r) is to discover the world.”

A new international and multicultural publishing house dedicated to children’s books that offers:

  • Illustrated fictional works that develops a child’s sense of discovery and imagination.
  • A playful and poetic approach that appeals to both children and parents.
  • Encounters with authors and illustrators of various backgrounds who enjoys creating works that enriches young minds.

Discover stories centered around four Cosmographers, our world explorers:


the first cosmographer

The world seen through words and images.

A collaboration between an author and an illustrator from different cultures enabling the possibility
for children to vastly expand their imagination.


the botanic cosmographer

The farmer plants the seeds.

A collection of playful and fictional works depicting plants from all over the world.


the artistic cosmographer

Interpreting art through sight, lecture, and touch.

Books to familiarize toddlers with art.


the philosophical cosmographer

To be or not to be a cosmographer.

Animated stories that initiate our budding philosophers to ask questions about the world surrounding them.